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Province Scraps Bus Pass Fee For People With Disabilities


British Columbia’s Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation has announced the elimination of the annual $45 administration fee for people with the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) designation.

The fee will eliminated on September 1, 2016, as part of the disability assistance rate changes.

The fee was normally charged when people on disability assistance applied for, or renewed their bus pass. Moving forward, bus passes will no longer have an expiry date and will be valid for as long as individuals prefer.

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The decision comes from community feedback and an effort to correct inequity as currently half of the people receiving disability assistance do not receive any transportation support at all.

This provides those who do not want a bus pass with more flexibility, and the option to opt out and receive their $52 transport allowance on their assistance cheaque.

Individuals can opt in and opt out whenever they like.

In addition, people with disabilities will receive a rate increase of $25 and a $52 transportation support allowance. They will have the option of receiving the transportation allowance in the form of a bus pass or add the sum to their assistance cheque.

Clients who currently receive the Special Transportation Subsidy of $66 per month will continue to do so with an additional $11 per month.

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