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Police Cracking Down On Drivers Speeding In School Zones

Classes are officially back in session across British Columbia, and 30 km/h speed limits are also back in effect in all  school zones from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day school’s in session.

To remind drivers, police across the province have kicked off the week by cracking down on drivers, including parents who are dropping their children off at school.

According to Vancouver police Const. Brian Montague, majority of the complaints about drivers in school zones are ironically about parents not following the rules.

In some school zones, the police and/or volunteers have set up large digital signs that read your speed and remind you to slow down. In other areas, police officers are on site and are ticketing drivers who exceed the limit.

Fines for driving over the speed limit in school zones vary by speed, and can get pretty hefty:

31 to 50 km/h – $196 and 3 points

51 to 70 km/h – $253 and 3 points

71 to 90 km/h – $368 and 3 points

Over 90 km/h – $483 and 3 points

Drivers can also face a $368 fine if they pass a school bus when it is stopped with red lights flashing or has stop signs extended.

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