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8-Year-Old Boy Overdosed On Unknown “Substance” Found At BC School

boy overdosed at a BC school

Photo: Jeremy Mills / Facebook

A scenario like this is every parent’s worst nightmare. An 8-year-old Kelowna boy overdosed at a BC school from an unknown substance.

The incident occurred at A.S. Matheson Elementary School this past Wednesday in the morning.

Jeremy Mills, the boy’s father, posted a picture of the substance that was found on his Facebook page.


“ATTN: EVERYONE (ESPECIALLY PARENTS)!!! PLEASE have conversations(and repeat them) with your children about the dangers of drugs!!” reads the photo caption.

Jeremy says that his 8-year-old boy found the unknown substance in his classroom, while he was working on a presentation.

“Yesterday my 8 year boy found something in his class. He thought “should I eat it, or no?”…Being a 8 yr old,… in it went”.

The boy started showing signs of intoxication and immediately required medical attention. The father arrived at the school and found his son completely unresponsive.

The child was sent to the hospital for drug and toxicology blood tests, where the results came back negative.

Officials recovered the substance from the classroom on Thursday and it’s currently undergoing a full chemical analysis.

As for the boy, he is home recovering now.


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