Trout Lake Open For Public Skating For First Time Since 1996

Ice Skating Trout Lake Vancouver

For the first time in what seems like forever, you can lace up your skates and hit the ice on a now frozen Trout Lake in East Vancouver.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Vancouver Park Board tweeted that the lake has 12 centimetres of frozen solid ice and is safe for unsupervised skating.

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The Park Board has also gone ahead and temporarily removed the “Danger” signs situated on the lake’s surface.

The news has many local skaters excited, and eyeing the possibility of skating on other lakes and ponds in the city including Stanley Park’s Lost Lagoon in the near future.

While the Park Board has yet to confirm the likelihood of that happening, it is hopeful given the latest temperature drop that has led to people ice skating on residential streets.

Trout Lake, frozen over and skateable for the first time in years #troutlake #iceskating #canadiana

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A little morning rip in the park #canada

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Ice Skating at Trout Lake

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The last time lakes and ponds were safe to skate on in Vancouver was in 1996 during a notable holiday season.

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