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Fauja Singh Unable To Prove He Is Really 100yrs Old

The man recently known as the oldest marathon runner in the world has run into some trouble. Guinness World Records has said that Fauja Singh cannot prove he is really 100 years old.

Nicknamed “The Turbaned Tornado”,  Fauja Singh took roughly eight hours to run the Toronto Marathon on Oct. 16. Guinness World Records issued a statement and said it had not yet ratified the record because Singh cannot produce a birth certificate from 1911.

Guinness editor-in-chief Craig Glenday stated:
“Like everyone who read about Mr. Singh, we were amazed by such an inspirational achievement — to finish a marathon at such an old age is awe-inspiring, However, we have yet to receive the documentary evidence that we need to confirm Mr. Singh as the world’s oldest marathon runner.”

The runner’s trainer, Harmander Singh, reportedly told the BBC that such documents were not made in India at that time. Singh does have a passport showing a birthdate of April 1, 1911, but that is apparently not enough.

Glenday said in the statement that the claim for the record will remain open until more evidence is made available.
“Until then, we wish Mr. Singh all the best with his next challenge,” he said.

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