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Three Consecutive Earthquakes Detected Off Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

Three strong earthquakes were detected Sunday night in the Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the first one was a 6.6 magnitude earthquake about 260 kilometres west of Tofino. It was followed by a a 6.8 tremor and then a third one clocking in at 6.5.

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All three earthquakes happened in the same general area over the course of an hour.

The powerful earthquakes were felt in parts of the province, but no damages or injuries were reported. In addition, no tsunami warnings were issued following any of the earthquakes.

These earthquakes took place just as an early-warning system was recently tested off the B.C. coast. This new system could give residents anywhere from 20 seconds to two minutes to prepare themselves before an earthquake struck.

B.C. is considered a high-risk earthquake zone and residents are heavily encouraged to be prepared at all times.


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