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Best Colours To Wear During An Interview

Have an upcoming job interview coming up, and thinking of ways to impress your potential future employer? Well, a simple fashion tip like wearing the appropriate colour, believe it or not, might just help you land that job you’ve been dreaming of!

If you’re planning on attending an interview, or meeting a new client we suggest you wear red. Why red? The colour red allows others to view you as someone who’s trustworthy, focused and committed, according to Kenny Frimpong, who is the brand marketing and development manager at a high end Italian clothing store named Eredi Pisano.

Another tip for men, would be to wear either grey, navy or black suits with either a red or blue tie. These “serious” colours are better for impressing others. Colours such as yellow, purple, and orange work well for more informal gatherings, such as happy hour, or in-house meetings. Yellow, purple and orange are more “happy” colours, which attract attention but don’t necessarily elicit feelings of trust or commitment.

A few other great colours for women to wear would be:

Tangerine – which is an aggressive colour associated with “strong emotions and high energy.” By wearing this colour you come off as creative, fun, and playful

Teal – by wearing this colour you portray confidence and feminine energy, that is also calming and tends to not intimidate others. You are seen as self-expressive and creative

Plum – this colour is a great choice for the workplace, as it makes you feel confident, calm, attractive yet relaxed, and the colour doesn’t scream for attention either!

Although many people believe wearing neutral colours is the way to go, it actually makes you appear dull and lacking in self-confidence and is more of a safe colour.

Will you be wearing one of the above colours to your next meeting?

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