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Finding Good Appliance Repair People In B.C. Has Become a Serious Problem

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Cooking, dishes, doing laundry all are made simpler with appliances. That being said, their usage rates have spiked and there’s less factory trained people around to fix them.

Appliances break down, wear down and in the digital age of smart appliances, also need updating. The problem is there is a global issue of finding someone reliable for your appliance repair.

Fortunately, a local company has stepped up and is trying to literally ‘fix’ the problem.

Appliance Burnout And a Shortage of Repairmen

handy appliances repair vancouverSince the beginning of the pandemic, there has been an increased use of home appliances, leading to shortages in the service industry. As a result, appliance repair technicians are seeing an all-time high for their services.

Why? With families having to adjust to working from home, cooking more often, and cleaning more often, it’s inevitable that appliances are wearing and tearing faster than ever before.

Today, the increased need for appliance repair is coupled with finding someone that is (a) available, (b) is properly trained and (c) understands appliances as if they made it themselves.

Not an easy feat for residents living in the lower mainland Fraser Valley or Sea to Sky corridor.

How To Find The Right Tech

parts and appliance repair vancouver
Photo: Handy Appliances

When things go on the fritz, the first reaction is often to turn to Google and search for the cheapest option.

The problem with that is it often leads to inexperienced technicians that are not factory authorized or don’t have access to the necessary service bulletins for your appliance. In fact, many servicers posting services online turn out to be “do it yourselfers” with no factory training.

In addition, appliance parts stores have been constantly running out of parts and accessories.

This has left numerous locals stuck with bad or poor diagnostics and being forced to accept that their appliance may need replacement.

Handy Appliances saw this dilemma and decided to provide a service option to counteract this. Today, they’re the only independent retailer in the region that offers everything under one-roof. This has allowed them to become a top choice for many property management groups, builders and homeowners.

Handy Appliances

handy appliances smart repair
Photo: Handy Appliances

Each technician at this Vancouver-based business is a factory trained technician. All the parts used for repair are brand new, and they are backed with a 90-day labour and parts guarantee.

Knowing that this isn’t just a Metro Vancouver issue, the team also provides service in the Fraser Valley and throughout the Sea to Sky corridor.

“Having an efficient service department allows us to attend to most jobs within 24 to 48 hours. This is why other retailers refer their warranty calls to us.” says Nenita Nerves of Handy Appliances.

The community-centred approach allows each tech to treat their customers’ home as if it’s their own.

The beauty of it is the simplicity. The same person that can run the diagnostic to identify what’s wrong, is the same person that can fix your appliance. If you’ve dealt with a big box company in the past, you know this is a rare service in the industry.


The next time you find yourself in the situation of needing a new appliance, appliance parts, appliance service or install, consider consulting a company with a reliable track record. It’s likely to save you time, money and a headache.



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