A Peek Inside Bella Gelateria Yaletown

A Peak Inside Bella Gelateria Yaletown

A Peak Inside Bella Gelateria Yaletown

Are you a sweet-toothed alcoholic? Are you tired of pairing wine with chocolate like a chump? Have you ever looked at your glass of spirit and thought, I wish there was some way that I could get drunk and fat at the same time?

Three words. Bella Gelateria Yaletown. One word. Gelatini.

From the same Gelato Master that brought you long line-ups down the street in Coal Harbour comes the Bella Gelateria restaurant proper by James Coleridge that will bring you long line-ups in Yaletown – but this time with a marina view while you wait.

Attending a preview for Bella Gelateria the day before its grand opening, I was looking forward to a peek at the 80-seat restaurant that boasted a glass gelato laboratory, an expanded menu that includes entrees such as napoletana pizza (with a handmade custom stone oven from Naples, no less) and dessert drinks like the gelatini.

A Peak Inside Bella Gelateria Yaletown

Making our way inside the crowds mulling inside Bella Gelateria, we were informed the bar was backed up. Ordering our gelatinis, being surrounded by servers that continuously made the rounds in offering samples of pizza, macarons, and gelato- it was, frankly, a tough wait.

A Peak Inside Bella Gelateria Yaletown

Coleridge, maestro gelatiere and owner of the establishment, has brought to Canada its first gelatini experience. The Matcha Smash gelatini was a common order of the night, with wait staff collecting off tables empty glasses left with the dregs of matcha powder. Stone-ground from whole tea, matcha powder was combined with vodka and herbal Chartreuse for a strong and sweet flavour. At $13 a pop, the Matcha Smash was one of the more expensive gelatinis on the menu, and it was definitely a drink to incite tipsiness.

A Peak Inside Bella Gelateria Yaletown

We alternatively bit and sipped our gelatinis in the small patio in front of the restaurant. We were offered more tasty bites. We tried Completa pizza that had, for toppings, prisciutto crudo, arugula, fior di latte, and parmigiano-reggiano. The prisciutto was chewy while the mozzarella and parmesan was a light dust on the delicate thin-crust entrée.

A Peak Inside Bella Gelateria Yaletown

Wandering back inside, we found a table to enjoy round two. The Wild Evita is named after Evita Peron, Argentina’s First Lady, an apt name for a breathtaking drink. One mouthful of sea salted caramel gelato, and it suddenly became very important to concentrate and enjoy what was in my mouth. With Auchentoshan scotch and a pinch of powdered espresso beans, the Wild Evita was a milky-divine sensation.

While the pizza is an exciting addition to the menu, the gelatini is what makes Bella Gelateria Yaletown a fun place to go to, and a place sure to satisfy your sweet and savoury taste buds in one go.


Bella Gelateria Yaletown is located at 1089 Marinaside Crescent. Business hours are Monday to Fridays 8 AM – 11 PM, Saturday to Sundays 9 AM – 11 PM.


Review by: Irene Lo

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