Vancouver Web Creators Night Featuring Van Weddings

Vancouver Web Creators Night Featuring Van Weddings

Frank and Jen are award-winning cinematographers, a newly married couple and business partners. Together with their professional photographers and cinematographers, they form Van Weddings, a wedding media boutique.

They’ve produced premier wedding photos and videos for celebrations here at home around Vancouver and around the world for both destination and international weddings.

Their stunning photography and cinematic videography captures special days for couples like engagements, ceremonies and weddings for all sorts of cultures, religions and themes. Some of Van Weddings’ best weddings videos will be showcased at Vancouver Web Creators Night which also features a special performance by local hip hop artist K!mmortal.

For tickets and more event information about Vancouver Web Creators Night and the rest of the Late Night at VIFF Hub series visit


By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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