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This Season’s Trendiest Christmas Gadgets

It’s almost that time of year again…Christmas shopping season is approaching us and for most of us it only means one thing: stress. Whether it’s shopping for youth or adults, there are gifts that can be enjoyed by any generation!

In today’s world, everything revolves around technology; it’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t have their hands on one of the latest gadgets!

Here are our top five favorite gadgets of 2012 that almost anyone would love:

1) Sphero

Sphero, although may not be very popular at the moment, will soon be the one gadget that everyone will want to complement their smartphones! The concept of the product is simple: It’s a universal robot game controller for smartphones. There are currently over twenty applications that are available to be used with this waterproof and shock-resistant ball.

Learn all about Sphero in 64 seconds: http://vimeo.com/51106808

2) iPad Mini

Right when we thought that Apple was done recreating the iPad, they popped up with something totally uncalled for! The iPad mini has the same features as the previous versions except for it being a substantially smaller size than the original and its ability to have cellular capabilities. It also has a sleek new exterior design, which comes in 2 color schemes: Black/Slate and White/Silver.

3) HTC Windows Phone 8x

Although it may be the underdog in the world of smartphones, the new Windows phone comes equipped with an 8mp camera, Dre Beats audio sound enhancement, and comes in 4 fantastic colors!

4) Crux360 Case

The Crux360 Case is a unique specialized case for iPads, which allows you to use your iPad in different positions. The most distinctive feature of the Crux360 is its full Bluetooth keyboard! The 4 modes that it can transform into are:

1.Laptop mode

2.Movie mode

3.Tablet mode

4.Carry mode

5) Nike+ FuelBand

This one’s for the fitness lovers! Don’t be deceived by the appearance of this bracelet. Not only is it gym-chic, but it can measure and motivate all of your daily actions. Whether it’s walking around the block, going speed-shopping, or even just taking out the trash, the FuelBand’s accelerometer will detect all of your motions and keep track of it through its iPhone app.

Written by: Samaa Abdalla

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