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Take Caution When Being Pulled Over – Police Impersonator Causes Stir in BC

18-year-old Raafay Shezad of Prince George has been posing as a police officer, and causing quite a lot of mischief with his black sports car which happens to have flashing red and blue lights.

Shezad has attempted to pull over numerous vehicles including three three different vehicles last week. One vehicle he pulled over, he threatened to take a woman’s license away then asked her to perform a sexual act in order to get her license back, when the woman said no he then asked for $50 instead.

Shezad was wearing street clothes but carried a badge, and appeared to look like an undercover cop.

This kind of incident is not only dangerous but literally could happen to anyone! Police advice you that if you ever feel unsafe while being pulled over, please call 911 not only for safety purposes but also to verify the officers identity.

Be cautious and safe out there while driving, 604!

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