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Luongo VS Schneider: This Crease Isn’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us

When Cory Schneider signed a 3 year contract worth $12 million dollars with the Vancouver Canucks this past summer, a new era was set to begin in Vancouver. Or that is what a majority of Vancouver hockey fans thought would be the case.

In the season opener Schneider was pulled after allowing 5 goals on 14 shots. Was it a case of nerves? Or was he crumbling under the same pressure that fellow goaltender Roberto Luongo has been forced to face ever since he arrived to Vancouver from Florida.

One thing is for sure, Roberto Luongo saw this as an opportunity to once again prove to everyone that he is the best goaltender in Vancouver. A quarter through the season and it is hard to argue with Luongo’s play so far this season. He is currently 2nd in the league in GAA sporting a mark of 1.63, while holding a save percentage of .934%. So far many will argue that Luongo has been outplaying Schneider although many Schneider fans will be fast to respond that Cory has been playing better ever since his terrible outing against the Anaheim Ducks in the season opener. So far, they have been able to downplay this “goalie crisis” in front of cameras but what about when the cameras are off? Both are individually fierce competitors and are constantly trying to assert themselves as the number one goalie. Ironically, goaltender depth is one of the Canucks top assets but given both goalies competitive nature, only one will remain in our city.

Although Luongo has reached the Stanley Cup finals once, and has a gold medal in his back pocket, he still has much to prove to the city, and to himself. On the other hand Cory is still a fresh face in the league, and is looking to make himself a name for himself..

At the end of the day there will only be space in that crease for one of them and splitting games between two goalies further down the season will be harder than just flipping a coin.

Verdict: It’s tough to say due to Luongo’s impressive performance this season, but if the Canucks are going to bet on anyone in the long run, it’s Schneider.

Written by: Hamed Amiri

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