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Food Trucks Are Coming to Surrey

Food trucks are stirring up a frenzy in the 604! Vancouver is home to nearly 100 food trucks, with 20+ gathering together each Sunday at the Vancouver Food Truck Festival. If you attend any major street festival on the outskirts of Vancouver, you are bound to find multiple food trucks lined up and ready to take your order!

Surrey, one of the lower mainlands most booming cities plans on taking advantage of the street food trend and is putting in place their own food truck program.

Will it be successful? Well it was back in 2012 when the city tested out the market with a 10-day cart pilot in spring 2012 along with a two-month pop-up park in Surrey’s city centre. Launching the program in the city’s centre will be the deal breaker in the program considering the area features a mall, SFU’s Surrey Campus, the future City Hall, & of course the 50-story skyscraper which is currently under construction. It will literally bring a downtown feel to the city.

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