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New Cross Country Trucker Convoy Is Coming To BC And Could Last for Months

trucker convoy

Photo: GoToVan / Flickr

A convoy of trucks is heading West, fired up on QAnon, and they are bringing their hamburger meat. 

Operation Bear Hug 2.0 is headed to Victoria this week in pursuit of the trucker convoy’s goal of fighting Liberal tyranny. They aim to reach the capital by March 14. 

The convoy is organized by James Bauder and is targeting the B.C. capital as it’s considered a “deeply-rooted NDP-Liberal stronghold” according to Bauder. 

The B.C. Liberals and the Federal Liberals are not affiliated. 

Bauder is a vocal proponent of QAnon and has indicated convoy intends to stay a while. It’s expected to bring between 500 – 1000 vehicles, and 16,000 hamburgers to keep the protestors fed.

The group states they do not intend to blockade, or do anything illegal, just exercise their right to protest. 

Bauder is the organizer of Canada Unity and has participated in protests aimed at Federal government intervention in the past.

In 2019 he participated in the United We Roll pro-pipeline convoy from Alberta to Ottawa.

For those who are unaware, QAnon is a theory, put forth by an anonymous figure named Q, that the world is run by an international pedophile ring that can only be stopped by former American President Donald Trump. Trump was a friend of notorious dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. 


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