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Car Avoids Near Miss With Speeding Train in Richmond (Video)

Photo: YouTube

A video recently uploaded to YouTube has a lot of people talking and scratching their head.

Earlier this month, dashcam footage shared online as “Railway Crossing Fail” displays a vehicle rolling up to a railway crossing after taking a left-turn onto a street in Richmond.

The driver of the vehicle stopped ahead of the tracks and slowly reversed after realizing they were too close. The railway crossing gate is seen hitting the vehicle’s hood, and prompting the driver to reverse even further.

A few seconds later, a train is seen traveling through the tracks at full speed.

It’s clear the driver was caught off guard after taking the left-turn and made an honest mistake in coming to a late stop. Though the driver was able to move out of the way in time, someone watching the video can only wonder what they’d do in the same situation.

The video has received mixed feelings on Reddit, with nearly half the commenters stating the driver reversed too slow. Some are arguing the driver might have been looking at the vehicle’s rear-view mirror to ensure no cars were behind it before reversing while others are suggesting the driver should have drove right through.

At the end of the day, everyone’s going to have their own views on what the driver should or shouldn’t have done. Instead of creating a debate, we think it’s a better idea to learn from the video and prepare yourself for a similar situation.

Sure the chances of the same thing happening to you are rare, but what’s important is to be able to think quick when you’re behind the wheel.

A few mere seconds could have changed the fate of this driver.

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