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Cab Company Fires Driver After Drinking and Driving in Surrey

Throwing Up In A B.C. Cab Will Now Cost You $75

A Surrey taxi driver has been fired as a result of failing a roadside drinking test while on the job.

The situation unraveled last week when three women called a local cab company for a ride. When their taxi arrived, they noticed the driver had drove up the lawn and immediately became cautious.

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Upon entering the cab, they smelled alcohol and detected something was wrong.

One of the three women called her father for assistance who came out and moved his vehicle to block the cab driver from moving, and phoned the police.

According to Global News, the taxi was from Pacific Cabs, and has been seized for 30 days. The driver of the vehicle also received a 90-day driving prohibition which was later confirmed by the Surrey RCMP.

A statement from Pacific Cabs states the driver’s license has been penalized for three months and that he has been fired with no chance of returning to them in the future.

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