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6 Things Vancouver Could Really Use

6 Things Vancouver Could Really Use

A few years ago I sat in a restaurant in California, having some of the best Mexican-inspired cuisine I’ve ever had. After I returned to Vancouver all I could think about is how our city needed one thing: a Chipotles Mexican Grill (and how I’d make millions by opening one).

Now that Vancouver is home to one of my favourite restaurants, I can’t help but wonder what life here would be like with a few more additions. Here’s a compilation of 6 things this city should have could really use:

 1. In-N-Out Burger

Okay, yes we have Fat Burger, Vera’s Burger Shack, and even Five Guys Burgers and Fries, among others. However, if you are looking for surprisingly low prices, and a burger that tastes like you may have grilled it yourself, In-N-Out is the place to go. Burgers aside, they also have their beloved milkshakes and perfect fries – which are not too greasy and slightly crunchy.

Not convinced? It’s actually a fact that Vancouverites yearn for In-N-Out ‘s menu.  Last September, the Langley Good Times Cruise-In’s Facebook page reported that there was a 2-hour lineup for the mobile In-N-Out Burger set up at the event. Yikes – remember to bring a chair for next year’s line!

 2. Another Amusement Park

I love Vancouver’s Playland, as well as the PNE, and sincerely believe that every local should pay the fair grounds a visit at least once a year.

However, it seems slightly unfair that Canadians on the East Coast, not only get the CNE (Ontario’s equivalent to the PNE), but also have access to Canada’s Wonderland. Dubbed “Canada’s premiere amusement park,” I feel like us West Coasters are missing out. I mean, us kids at heart could always use a new hangout!

The only explanation is that the excessive rain has scared potential amusement park developers away, sigh.

3. A Boardwalk

Vancouver’s waterfront is breathtaking, making it the perfect potential entertainment hub. Think something along the lines of New York’s Coney Island or California’s Santa Monica Pier. With vendors, food, carnival-style games, and rides it’d be the perfect place to stroll after a dinner out.

Just imagine the view of the city you would have from a ferris wheel on the pier!


4. An Outlet Mall: Complete with Coach, Armani, and Michael Kors

When it comes to outlet malls the 604 area only has one: Queensborough Landing. We all can agree that compared to our neighbours South of the border, and in Ontario, we are lacking outlet-store selection.

It must be noted that there is the outlet centre known to be opening on Sea Island in Richmond. However, as a final store list has yet to be made, we can only hope it turns out to be as good as it sounds!


 5. Ross

It seems like in recent years quite a few U.S. retailers have moved into the lower mainland. First it was Marshalls, then Target, and next a Nordstrom will be opening at Pacific Centre.

With low prices and its variety of products from household items to clothes, Ross is one of the places I try to visit every trip to Bellingham.

I must admit, Ross is very similar to Winners, however it wouldn’t be a waste to have it on this side of the border. In my opinion, the more selection we have, the better!

 6. Trader Joe’s

As we are becoming increasingly concerned about what we consume, another specialty store in the city would be appreciated. Offering a variety of organic and unique products, Trader Joe’s is the perfect candidate to fill the spot!

Of course, another alternative would be for Vancouver’s Pirate Joe’s, which sells Trader Joe’s items, to expand their store size and product selection.


If there was a number 7, it would definitely be an official NYE celebration, fortunately the city has announced Vancouver will have an official countdown for 2015!

Now we turn the question to you: What do YOU think Vancouver needs?


Written by: Kerri J

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