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This Double-Decker Lie-Flat Design Could Be The Airplane Seat Of The Future

Zephyr Seat

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic changing travel as we know it for the unforeseeable future—designers are getting creative.

There’s been a number of potential seating designs brought forward to allow passengers to better practice physical distancing.

And this one achieves that while also allowing travelers to fully lay down right at their seat (including in economy class).

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Zephyr Seat

Zephyr Seat
Photo: Zephyr

Jeffrey O’Neill has created the Zephyr Seat, which if plans came to fruition would allow people to lie flat, due to its unique double-decker design.

It’s similar to that of a bunk bed, with two people sharing a row with one on top of the other.

Not only would it offer more privacy and a nicer area to catch some Z’s, but it would also help promote safe distancing between passengers—which remains a key concern for traveling amid the pandemic.

Additionally, O’Neill said this type of seating would allow airlines to maintain the number of passengers on board at a time, while also ensuring they’re safe and comfortable.

Of course, it would take a lengthy process to actually see this plan become a reality, but it is one way passengers could adhere to physical distancing guidelines while also enjoying their own privacy on board—which has been an issue even pre-pandemic.

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