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You Can Legally Serve Someone Through A Newspaper In Vancouver

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In legal battles, you might serve a notice by regular mail, registered mail or even in person. Or maybe your lawyer takes care of all that for you. But there’s another less common way for service that adds a little public shaming in the mix.

‘Service by Publication’ is where the court grants permission to serve summons, petition or other documents in a newspaper. This method is an option when the whereabouts of whoever you are suing are unknown.

Far-out-there classified advertisements, cheesy advertorials and sad obituaries are some of the outlier elements to a modern newspaper but they are effective in reaching masses. If you’ve read the free daily Metro Vancouver paper lately you may have noticed an advertisement taken out for a court petition:

You Can Legally Serve Someone Through A Newspaper In Vancouver

The petitioner, Snowbird Owners Management Ltd. aka Snowbird Property Management offers executive and vacation home rental services. The claim is for relief of a default sublease amount owing which could lead to the interest in the property being vested back to the plaintiff. So, respondent Gang Li, you’ve been served!



Written by: Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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