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Yellow Cab Becomes First Canadian Taxi To Offer Free Wi-Fi

Yellow Cab Becomes First Canadian Taxi To Offer Free Wi-Fi

Uber trying to enter Vancouver has been one of the best things to happen for taxi consumers.

Although Uber was unsuccessful, the potential of its debut was a huge threat to local companies given its technological advantage. With Uber caught in several B.C. roadblocks, local taxi companies are taking advantage and embracing technology, including Yellow Cab.

All 350 of the companies cabs will offer free Wi-Fi within the next few weeks thanks to a new deal with Telus – a first of its kind service for Canadian taxis.

The free Wi-Fi in Yellow Cabs will be accessible by all mobile devices regardless of your data provider. In other words, even if your phone is under contract with Rogers, Fido, Bell, etc. you’ll still be able to access the free Telus Wi-Fi.

To make things even easier, there will be no passwords or information required when connecting. Once you enter a taxi, simply open your mobile’s browser app and click yes to enter the free network. Once you step out of the taxi, the network will automatically disconnect.

What’s makes the new addition great is that it will be a complimentary service and have no impact on the taxi fare. The program will run for one-year and be extended if successful. The pilot project is similar to Translink buses testing free Telus Wi-Fi within certain bus routes.

Yellow Cab, currently the largest taxi fleet in British Columbia, will also be 1 of 4 local taxi companies that allows consumers to access and pre-pay for cabs online.

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