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Xbox One VS. PS4 – Who Will Conquer Vancouver?

It’s like the great bar debate you’ll have with your friends over beer and a basket of wings. Celery or carrots? Ranch or blue cheese dressing? Which do you prefer?

Try it sometime. It’s guaranteed to spark debate instantly with the table divided right down the line on which is better.  No one is wrong of course, but you’ll have friends making a passionate argument for each side, some even smack talking alongside.

So is the case with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s XBOX One, with debate heating up online between faithful gamers of each console.

While both boast powerful processing power, top speed, graphics and the ability to multitask, gamers are choosing their favourite and duking it out on internet forums to emphasize which system is THE best. You can almost hear the bickering and the outrage jump off the screen of your computer.

PS4 fans got to throw the first punch with the earlier release date and cheaper price (PS4 is $399, XBOX One is $499), but with the release of XBOX One fans are responding loudly with articles and blogs popping up on reasons why “mine is better than yours.”

Similar online posts support the Sony system in this epic clash of gaming consoles.

Which side will you take?

Let’s look at the systems specs and how they match up.

Xbox One Vs PS4

On the surface, they are similar black boxes improving on a previous generation of gaming systems, but each offer unique features, which make it their own.

PS4 is smaller in size, has an 8 GB of memory, an 8 core single chip x86 AMD Jaguar processor and a 500 GB hard drive that’s removable, but doesn’t have external storage capabilities.

XBOX One has an 8 GB of memory, an 8 core Microsoft custom CPU and doesn’t have a non-removable hard drive, but does allow you to have external storage.

Both have digital video recorders and controls that try to cater to their audience.

The difference however, is in the features of the controls, with PS4 boasting a share button, a speaker with a mini usb jack and charging during the standby mode while XBOX’s control has small vibration motors in the triggers, an expansion sport and an “improved d pad” that is more responsive to directional and sweeping motions.

More controls can be hooked up to the XBOX One system, but is more really better? Are you a big social gamer or do you prefer to go at a game on your own or with a few others in the same room as you.

Do you like to brag about how awesome you are at a game? Then the PS4 might be the system for you with its easy screenshots and video sharing capabilities to social media.

You can also create your own music soundtrack while you play games or run apps and integrate your smartphone or tablet to your gaming experience.

XBOX however, might be an easier sell for buyers with significant others in their lives because of its hands free multimedia function, allowing you to browse TV and movies without needing to use a controller thanks to the advanced Kinects voice and motion controls.

Either way, the choice is yours.

The proof will be in the consoles’ sales. Let’s see who prevails.

Infographic by: Kijiji.ca

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