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Man Charged For Kidnapping & Sexually Assaulting Woman With Taser In Richmond

Abbotsford Police Officer

A 42 year old man has been charged after he violently assaulted a woman and held her hostage in Richmond.

On Wednesday, May 30th, Cheng Ian Huang kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman with a taser gun in a residence on the 3000-block of Jesmond Avenue; however, he was charged on May 31st for a litany offences related to the incident.

These include: 

  • one count of kidnapping;
  • one count of assault;
  • one count of assault with a weapon;
  • one count of possession of a firearm without a permit;
  • one count of sexual assault using a Taser;
  • one count of impersonating a police officer
  • one count of uttering a threat.

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Violent Sexual Assault with a Taser

At approximately 8:30 AM on Wednesday, a good samaritan was driving near the west end of Williams Road when they encountered an extremely distraught woman. Afterward, she found refuge in the Alfred B. Dixon Elementary School while she waited for RCMP to arrive.

During that time, police located the house that Huang was believed to have been holding the woman hostage. They sectioned off a part of the surrounding area, and the standoff with Huang ensued for the following three hours; however, he surrendered peacefully.

The investigation is still ongoing, so RCMP are asking the public for any tips or information they may have relating to this incident.

If you have any information about this incident, you’re asked to call Richmond RCMP at 604-278-1212 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).


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