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Winter Storm Warning Calls For 20 To 30 cm Of Snow On Coquihalla Highway

BC Interior Snowstorm

Environment Canada has issued a winter storm warning for the Coquihalla Highway Thursday night.

Hazardous winter conditions are expected and heavy snow accumulations are in the forecast.

A frontal system will cross the southern BC interior Thursday evening. A moist southwest flow behind the system will produce heavy snow over the Coquihalla Highway – Hope to Merritt, with 20 to 30 cm of snow accumulation expected south of the summit.

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The snow level will be near 1100 metres this evening and lower to 800 metres overnight. Snow will taper off late Friday as the system moves further to the east.

Environment Canada says drivers should be ready for hazardous winter conditions and people can anticipate to see large amounts of snow over some locations.

Likewise, drivers must be using winter tires and could face a fine if they fail to do so.

You can check if you have winter tires by seeing if they have either the Mountain Snowflake symbol or the Mud and Snow (M+S) symbol. They must be in good condition and have at least a minimum tread depth of 3.5 mm.

If caught without proper winter tires on these designated routes, the fine is $121. Furthermore, if you don’t have minimum tread depth of 3.5 mm, get ready to fork out another $109.


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