Your Local Wine Store Could Be Converted Into a Full Service Liquor Store

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The B.C. government has amended regulations, so independent wine stores can now convert into a full-service shop. That means they can now sell beer and spirits, along with wine.

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Previously, independent wine stores would receive a discount on wholesale wine prices in lieu of allowing them to carry spirits or beer.

That changed in 2015, however, when the B.C. government eliminated the wholesale discount. Instead the government gave the option to convert into a full-service liquor store. But the new location was not allowed within one kilometre of another liquor store.

“As a result, only one IWS [independent wine store] converted under the new policy,” said the B.C. government, Monday.

Now, with the change in regulations, any wine store can convert without having to change spots. This is just one change the government is looking at to help support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

B.C. is currently in Phase 3 of its Restart Plan, allowing more businesses to reopen.

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