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Wild Vancouver SkyTrain Stories Shared by Locals

vancouver skytrain

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Riding the SkyTrain can lead to surprising stories and strange moments, giving a different view of life using public transportation.

We wanted to find the most surprising things people saw and experienced on our city train, so we asked locals to share the weirdest events they’ve seen while traveling.

Their stories show a colorful picture of interesting and strange things that happen on the SkyTrain, from bizarre riders to surreal encounters, these stories are sure to leave you raising an eyebrow or two.

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“We had an impromptu singing of Oh Canada on the Skytrain… It was beautiful.”

“When Canada won the men’s hockey game during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, we had an impromptu singing of Oh Canada on the Skytrain while heading downtown to celebrate. It was beautiful.” – Juliana Koo

“A gentleman using a lighter and aerosol can to make fireballs…it scared everyone out of the car aside from him and I. I can hold my own so I wasn’t concerned. Sky train staff warned him that the police were on their way but he kept going. He was a nice enough guy and seemed like he was maybe going through something so I asked him why he was doing that, he said he was stressed…” – Ryan Lacey

“It’s been a while since I did my daily commute via SkyTrain, but years ago, I was excited when 2 gorgeous women in sexy outfits came in and sat behind me. I was taken aback, though, when suddenly I heard them talking to each other in their deep male voices. It really was Vancouver wild! 😁✌️ – Rick VanDale Brions

“5 people flee after seeing me come on 😂😂 like hhhheeeelll naw not today”

“Me bringing a propane tank on the train and seeing 5 people flee after seeing me come on 😂😂 like hhhheeeelll naw not today” – Lawrence George Geboers

“One time in about 2007 I was riding across the skybridge into Surrey and all the doors suddenly opened without warning while the train was still at top speed. It got very windy and cold very fast!” – Clay McLean

“Once on the older trains with that back bench I saw two teenagers have sexual relations on the bench Saturday night after a concert. It was busy I don’t think anyone noticed. Was wild!” – Tia Nikkel

“I saw a homeless dude take a dump on a skytrain seat and 2 min later flick it off and under the seat in front.” – Adam Skeen

“she was trying to feed the rat from the straw in her a and w rootbeer cup lol”

“A lady keep looking into her purse and talking. Then a rats head popped out of her purse and she was trying to feed the rat from the straw in her a and w rootbeer cup lol” – Tessa Kooistra

“A topless woman. I mean COMPLETELY topless. I was just trying to get to work.” – Ginika Ebenebe

“At the end of the night The train left from the last stop to park somewhere for the end of the night ontop of some viaduct and I didn’t know, so I just slept in there until someone noticed and brought the train back” – Nondaz Djema

“A snake, a streaker, a robbery. Not all at once though! And I don’t even take transit on the regular!” – Vonnie Cee

“Rough and tumble guy gets on, plops directly in front of me sparks a joint. Looks like he was released from jail an hour before. Gestured to share with me, I demurred. No thanks, bit early for me. Workday 8 AM commute to downtown with the appropriate crowd. Fun times.” – Rick Hiltz

“The annual Santacon in Vancouver always has a couple dudes who try to have a jerry can full of liquor. Nothing like seeing folks drink out of a jerry can on the sky train. Simply breathtaking…” Chris Marchant

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