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Wild Porpoise Dies Despite Vancouver Aquarium Rescue

The Vancouver Aquarium will release preliminary necropsy results on Monday for a wild porpoise that died three weeks after it was rescued from a Salt Spring Island beach.

The porpoise, which was named Siyay by the Vancouver Aquarium staff, was watched by a medical team 24 hours a day in an attempt to nurse it back to health.

But the porpoise stopped breathing on Sunday around 5 a.m. PT and couldn’t be revived with resuscitation attempts.

When it was first rescued, the vet with the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre noted the creature’s chance of survival was about 10 per cent. The animal was suffering pneumonia, muscle damage, stomach ulcers and parasites in its lungs.

It’s only the second time in five years the aquarium has rescued a live porpoise.


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