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White Moustache Food Tour Review

White Moustache Food Tour Review

            Picture this: a night out with good friends (in this case my mom, my aunts and our friend, Marti), getting chauffeured around to Vancouver’s hottest restaurants by a fun loving and knowledgeable “gastro-guide”, no waiting in line, no menus, just the best food in town. Sounds like a foodie’s heaven, doesn’t it? Well, what if I told you this dream could become a reality with the help of White Moustache Food Tours? Rick Fabbro and Lee Weinstein, the guys behind White Moustache Tours in Vancouver, took me on a gastronomical adventure I will never, ever forget!

White Moustache Food Tours started their engines in Seattle in 2009 and quickly became that city’s #1 food tour.  Rick and Lee saw the potential for a “food tour on wheels” in Vancouver and began taking people on adventures in June 2013. Both these guys love to show off their city, know the best places to eat, and love meeting people! Basically, starting White Moustache was their dream job! What I loved about this tour was how personal and specific it was. Rick checked for any food allergies beforehand and Lee went ahead and made sure the food was about to be served as we walked into the restaurants. We never saw a menu and everything we tried that night was hand-picked by our guides! Rick tries to visit one higher end restaurant, one “hole-in-the-wall” joint, one trendy place, and one dessert place on each tour! The night of our tour we visited Kalvin’s, Nicli Antica, Bambudda, and Aphrodite’s Organic Pie Shop. Sounds like a lot of food? It was, and I could not have been more thrilled about it!

White Moustache Food Tour Review

Kalvin’s is located at Victoria and 31st and is a tiny little place serving Szechuan food. The owners are friendly and seemed to love Rick and Lee; we were told on the ride over that every first date Lee had here resulted in a second, so the feelings must be mutual. To start we had snow pea tips in garlic, Chinese pancakes rolls with beef and pork, chilli chicken, salt and pepper chicken, and fish with chives. ALL THIS IN THE FIRST STOP?? I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into here. Everything at Kalvin’s was amazing. The stand-outs for me were definitely the chilli chicken and the Chinese pancakes. The chicken, with peanuts, was super spicy and full of flavour and the pancake was so delicious I had to sit on my hands so I would not eat another. I am so thrilled that White Moustache Tours led me to this hidden gem! I know I will be back! I won’t know what to order but I will say I want what Rick and Lee get and I know I won’t be disappointed.


Our next stop was Nicli Antica, a pizzeria in Gastown. Their pizza is the only pizza in the city to be awarded the VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana) award for true Neapolitan style. Let me tell you, if there is a pizza heaven, I was in it! Pizza is my thing and it had been way too long since I’d been to Nicli.  Again, even in this very busy, extremely popular place, Lee and Rick made sure everything was ready for us when we walked through the restaurant doors. We each got a glass of red wine; Rick says it’s the best glass of house red in the city for $5 – AMAZING! We got to try the mixed green salad. This was absolutely beautiful. It had burrata, nuts, asparagus, and beets. It was light and exactly what was needed after Kalvin’s rich dishes. Next came the pizza! We had the margherita and the daily special.  In order to review a pizzeria, I always have the margherita wherever I go, so I know what I am talking about. This one blew my mind! Definitely another place I am coming back to in the near future!

Between venues, Rick would tell us stories about certain places or if we drove past a new restaurant he would give his review of it.  It was great to be on tour with him because I could speak his language of food and got several ideas of where I absolutely had to go! His enthusiasm was awesome and made for a great night! The third place he took us was called Bambudda, also in Gastown. This had to be my favourite space on the tour. The restaurant has a bar that opens onto the street! I can’t wait to go back on a hot summer day and people watch. We tried the pork buns, eggplant with different types of grains, their special Tsui Heng cocktail, and friend chicken skins! What a feast! Rick introduced us to the owner who explained that his cuisine is a take on his childhood experience of growing up in Chinatown. He also described to us his most popular dessert which was the panna cotta. It sounded so amazing that Rick told him to bring us some over to try! Such kindness, hospitality and fabulous food.


Our last stop on the tour was at Aphrodite’s Organic Pie Shop in Kits. The pie menu was extensive but I opted for my favourite – pecan. It was absolutely delicious and this artsy little café was the perfect way to end our night. Ask Rick to tell you the story about the piñatas hanging from the ceiling!

White Moustache Food Tours is the perfect experience for tourists and Vancouverites alike. Rick and Lee really go out of their way to ensure a unique and amazing experience for all. They are knowledgeable and tell great stories as they chauffeur you around the city! If you are a foodie or simply want to try out some great new places, let White Moustache do the work! This was one of the best “food” nights of my life!


Review by: Micaela Monk

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