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Whistler’s Rare White Bear Spotted Wrestling With Its Mom (Video)

A rare cream-colour bear cub discovered in Whistler last month has been caught on camera again, this time wrestling and biting its mother.

Through the video posted last week, the cub is seen grappling and rolling around in a playful manner.

The cub is believed to be six-months old and has experts in the area are excited and fascinated with the discovery. Though it’s not confirmed, they believe the bear is an albino.

“After 23 years of research, I have seen cubs ranging black, reddish brown, chocolate brown to blonde (after summer bleaching of coat) but, never have seen in this population, a cub with pelage this light to almost white” said expert Michael Allen.

A White Bear in a Black Bear World from Kathy Jenkins on Vimeo.

The tourist resort currently offers guided tours for those hoping to get a glimpse of the white cub from a distance. It is advised not to approach the cub for the safety of the animals and humans.

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