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Whistler Taking Precautions To Avoid Fort McMurray Like Disaster

The wildfires in Fort McMurray have been seen far and wide, and countless municipalities across North America are taking necessary precautions to prevent any similar misfortunes, including Whistler.

Given the resort community is heavily surrounded by forests, Whistler is considered a high risk for forest fires in a province that is very familiar to the wild blazes this time of year.

The municipality has decided to act now rather than later and has hired a fire ecology consultant and crews to plan against a potential wildfire and make any necessary changes for protection.

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“We’ve got some similarities. There’s only one road in and out to Whistler. We are an important economic engine to the province — if something like that happened here, it would be devastating.” said Whistler’s Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden in a statement to the CBC.

While Whistler has had some close calls in recent years, the resort has been able to avoid serious damage and situations – but that doesn’t mean it’s willing to roll the dice.



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