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BC’s 1st Ride-Hailing Application Was Just Approved & It Wasn’t Uber Or Lyft

Whistle Ride-Hailing Vancouver British Columbia

Photo: Dan Gold / Unsplash

In a (somewhat) unexpected turn of events, British Columbia’s first ride-hailing service isn’t going to be Uber or Lyft, but Whistle.

Whistle is a service operated by Green Coast Ventures Inc., a company based in British Columbia’s own Tofino. (They’ll be going by Whistle, WhistleRide, and Whistle Ride Co.)

The company plans to offer ride-hailing that specifically serves resort communities outside of Metro Vancouver, such as Whistler, Squamish, and Pemberton.

“Whistle is a ride-hailing app focusing on resort towns, where the struggle for transit solutions during peak times is the greatest”, the company said.

The company believes that it’s uniquely qualified to serve resort communities and its unique transportation needs:

  • Resort communities experience significant population changes due to influxes of tourists and temporary residents who support tourism services;
  • Population variations occur by season, month, week, weekdays, and holidays;
  • Resort communities experience mass arrivals of tourists, many of whom have luggage requirements;
  • Resort services workers often live outside the resort town and must commute to work;
  • Typical transportation companies struggle to meet peak demand in resort communities due to the financial impossibility of maintaining staff and fleet at peak levels during the off-season;
  • Resort services workers often work several part-time jobs; and
  • Locally owned and based transportation services are key in resort communities as transportation service providers work with local businesses and residents who understand the travel, housing, and work dynamics in the communities.

The company was incorporated in 2002, as Tofino Bus Services Inc. According to the Passenger Transportation Board’s official decision, Dylan Green, the founder, is the sole shareholder of the company.

Whistle becomes the first ride-hailing company to receive official approval to operate, one of two-dozen applications the Passenger Transportation Board received when it began accepting applications in September.

The Board says they’re working hard on the applications of other companies, namely Uber and Lyft. Late last week, Lyft revealed its pricing structure for Metro Vancouver. Uber has yet to reveal any more information, but both companies have stated their intention to begin operations by year’s end.

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