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Where To Buy Kegs Of Craft Beer In Metro Vancouver

Where To Buy Kegs Of Craft Beer In Metro Vancouver

Are you looking to buy a keg of beer for your next party? Why not try some delicious locally brewed craft beer?

What is craft beer? Craft beer is brewed at a small and independent brewery. Craft beer is gaining popularity here in Vancouver, as many breweries have opened up in the past few years. Not all of them, however, sell their beer in kegs. Here are a few that do:

Where To Buy Kegs Of Craft Beer In Metro Vancouver

Storm Brewing Ltd. sells six different craft beers: Hurricane IPA; Highland Scottish Ale; Black Plague Stout; Precipitation Pilsner; Imperial Flanders Red; and Brainstorm, all at varying prices. Included in the price is a 37.85L keg (which is about 100 glasses) of the beer of your choice, a bar style pull tap, a tank of CO2 to power it, and cups if you need them. They’ll even show you how to set it up.


Dead Frog Brewery offers five delicious brews that come in 58L kegs. They sell a Lager for $210, Classic Nut Brown Ale for $219, Seasonal Citrus Wit for $220, Bold Belgian Pale Ale for $220, and Fearless Indian Pale Ale for $229. A $150 deposit is needed for all kegs. You will also need to rent at pump and a tap dispenser.


Granville Island Brewing sells a large selection of kegs. They have 30L kegs of Island Lager, English Bay Pale Ale, Cyprus Honey Lager, Robson Street Hefeweizen, and False Creek Raspberry Ale, all for $129. They also offer six other beers in a 50L keg for $192. You can also rent pumps, taps, and plastic tubs if necessary.


R&B Brewing Co. has a delicious Sun Gold Wheat Ale, Red Devil Pale Ale, and Raven Cream Ale for $86.50 for 20L or $185 for 50L. They also have Bohemian Lager, Hoppelganger IPA, and Dark Star Oatmeal Stout for $90 for 20L or $190 for 50L. They also sell a hand pump and bucket, and a dispense unit. Make sure you order your keg at least a week in advance for your party, as they have limited units available for rent.


Did we miss your favourite? Let us know in the comments!


Written by Anna Ward

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