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Where Do The Canucks Go From Here?

Where Do The Canucks Go

John Tortorella had just returned from his recent 6 game 15 day suspension from the Canucks, where he was only able to find a team limping to the finish line, and battling for their playoff lives.

For a coach that is widely seen as erratic, and uncontrollable he has seen rather mum so far this year. That is until he recently went on a total rampage against the Calgary Flames, and even tried to enter their dressing room during the first intermission. He had finally lost his cool, and to some extent I am surprised it took this long for him to do so. Some of it may be that it was part of his agreement with management when they decided to hire him here, or that he is finally realizing that he does not have the right players that best suit his hard, physical defensive style of play which requires constant forechecking, and attempting to get as many blocked shots.

Now in Tortorella’s defense I will say that injuries have not helped him out with his transition from the east coast to the west coast either during his first year in Vancouver either. First there was Alex Burrows we was out for an extended period of time with a broken jaw, which made everyone play out of position a little bit, and left the Sedin twins searching for a new linemate what seemed like every single game. First they tried Zack Kassian, and although it worked out for a while, it did not stick. Ryan Kesler was tossed in their even at one point, but that just allowed defences to focus on that line solely without worrying about any others. Then Jannik Hansen got a shot with the Sedins, but that did not last long either. Roberto Luongo has also spent some time on the injury list, with recent groin, and ankle issues, but seems to be shaking it off fine just in time for the Olympics. Speaking of Olympics, Henrik Sedin, our beloved Captain who is dealing with a nagging rib injury at the moment informed Sweden that he won’t be able to participate in Sochi. Good news for Team Canada, but even worse news for the Canucks.

With the combination of not having the right players to fit Tortorella’s playing style, and the mounting of injuries, especially to key players, the Canucks have not been able to establish a consistent rhythm all season long, and in previous years where the identity of the Canucks was clearly established and maintained throughout the year the identity of this year’s team is still up in the air and being questioned by the players, and the entire Canucks organization.

So what is next for this Canucks team? Should they try and sneak in as the 8th seed, and take their chances against the brutal west? Should they try and tank, and reload through the draft? Or should they trade for a proven all-star at the trade deadline to make one last final Stanley Cup Finals push with their main core intact?

These are all scenarios the Canucks management must consider moving forward from here, because from our recent 6 game losing streak, the Canucks seem to be heading down a path far too familiar for some fans.


Written by: Hamed Amiri

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