This 21-Ft Chandelier Under The Granville Bridge Is Vancouver’s Newest Landmark

Westbank Granville Bridge Chandelier

Alongside the Seawall and Steam Clock, Vancouver is getting a new landmark: a 14′ x 21′ chandelier under the Granville Bridge.

The new art installation, by local artist Rodney Graham, will hang above the intersection of Beach Avenue.

The faux glass French chandelier will rotate slowly and rise over the course of 24 hours. Once a day, it will then release and spin back to its original point.

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“’Spinning Chandelier’ will quickly become an urban icon, turning a dark under-bridge into the enjoyable focus of public celebration,” states the website.

Tourists and the community will be able to predict when the chandelier starts spinning. Its activity will happen at fixed times within the day, just like the Steam Clock.

The piece weighs more than 7,500 pounds and is made of stainless steel, LED lamps and more than 600 faux crystals.

This kinetic sculpture was originally approved by the city in 2015. It was privately funded to cover the $1.2 million cost to design, build and install the piece.

The location of the new landmark is also turning into an event-friendly spot for pedestrians, complete with new retail space.

The unveiling takes place November 27, 2019.

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