Wells Gray Park’s Helmcken Falls “Snow Crater” Is Truly A Sight To Behold

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Wells Gray Provincial Park Helmcken Falls Snow Crater

There is nothing quite like the “snow crater” that forms beneath Wells Gray Provincial Park’s Helmcken Falls in the winter.

Wells Gray Provincial Park was first established in November 1939, which means it just celebrated its 80th birthday.

The park is home to a beautiful waterfall that flows over a wide circular cliff during the warmer months of the year. According to Tourism Wells Gray, the drop is 141 meters.

Wells Gray Provincial Park

Photo: @omundovistodomeujeito / Instagram

However, when the dead of winter rolls around, the waterfall sometimes freezes, the water below turns solid, and, if the conditions are right, the splash of the water freezes in place, creating a snow crater that can be up to 50 meters high.

Helmcken Falls Snow Crater

Photo: @anthosk8 / Instagram

Wells Gray Provincial Park

Photo: @aaron_froese / Instagram

Helmcken Falls is one of 39 waterfalls (not a typo) in Wells Gray Provincial Park, which spans approximately 541,516 hectares.

And for those who want the best views, there’s the Rim Trail, a one-hour hike around the aforementioned circular cliff.

Wells Gray Provincial Park is located in Clearwater, British Columbia, about a six-hour drive from Metro Vancouver. And if you’re making the trek out there, you might as well go big and continue the drive into Alberta, where you can see the limited-time jaw-dropping “ice castles” attraction.

Helmcken Falls Snow Crater

Where: Wells Gray Provincial Park, 416 Eden Rd., Clearwater, BC

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