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5 Weird Vancouver Street Names

5 Weirdest Vancouver Street Names

In Vancouver, a typical street name is one named after a dead British royal from the mother country. Many of our major and lesser roads have aristocratic names, or at the least, an aristocratic ring to it, such as Imperial Street or Kingsway.

To keep things weird, we looked at the oddest street names we could find in Vancouver. Whether they were nonsensical relics from the past or simply head-scratchers, here are five of the weirdest street names in Vancouver that exist today.

5 Weirdest Vancouver Street Names

Bobolink Avenue

This is a street name that you just can’t say without a smile when the first sounds you are making is “bo-bo.” Located on the east side of Vancouver, there is a decently-sized playground around this residential area where you might be able to catch sight of the common North American songbird that this street takes its name from.


5 Weirdest Vancouver Street Names

Killdeer Place

For a quiet neighbourhood, it’s got quite a violent name. Killdeer Place is situated near the vicinity of southwest Marine Drive, hidden deep in its vicinity. While it may be easy to get lost in its windy, hilly roads, there’s not a chance that its name will be forgotten.


5 Weirdest Vancouver Street Names

Leg-In-Boot Square

Leg-In-Boot Square is right by the water, mere steps away from Granville Island, and it’s a wonderful stroll on the cobblestones when the day is sunny. It’s also the place where constables stuck a dismembered leg still wearing its boot on a spear when it washed up on False Creek back in 1887. The reason? The constables hoped to identify a claim on the leg, eventually they gave up their search and took it down. Thankfully, this episode in Vancouver history was preserved forever by naming a square after it.


5 Weirdest Vancouver Street Names


Right off the side to Leg-In-Boot Square is Bucketwheel, an alleyway that also seems to have been named without another thought given to it. It’s almost whimsical how straightforward the name is. A bucketwheel is also used to commonly describe a heavy equipment used in mining.



Hosmer Avenue

It seems like a typo, or the name of a major league baseball player, but this avenue is situated between Arbutus and Granville on King Edward. An Old English name that’s foreign to the modern eye, Hosmer Avenue is like the black sheep version of the classical name, Homer.


What are some weird names you’ve come across? Let us know in the comments below!


Written by: Irene Lo

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