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Will This Weekend’s Forecast + New Fines Keep Vancouverites Inside?

Vancouver wet weather streak

Photo: Clayton Perry Photoworks / Flickr

With the forecast predicting rain combined with new fines in place, Vancouverites may just stay inside this weekend.

From Friday morning to Sunday evening, the city can expect to see up to 80 millimetres of rain.

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Temperatures will stay somewhat higher, however, as Friday will sit at about seven degrees, according to The Weather Network.

March 27-29 forecast
Photo: The Weather Network

Meanwhile, Saturday and Sunday will see an average of 10 degrees each day. 

Saturday will be particularly wet, with up to 40 millimetres of rain from morning to night. The forecast predicts Sunday will get 10-15 millimetres of rain, with some sun.

This may make it easier for Vancouverites to stay home and self-isolate, as opposed to last weekend.

The city saw many people out enjoying the sun last week, gathering at parks and beaches and even throwing parties.


In order to stop people from defying the social-distancing rule, Vancouverites may face fines of up to $1,000. Many public places have closed, as well as parking lots for areas with high traffic

And remember, BC Liquor Stores are now closed on Sundays, so get your beer today or tomorrow.

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