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10 Ways To Deal With Vancouver’s Snowfalls

Snow orcas

Photo: Aaron Cambrin / Facebook

Getting used to the snowfall warnings and shovelling your drive-way? It’s been a record-breaking nasty West Coast winter full of chaotic driving conditions and school closures.

Here are 10 simple ways to deal with Vancouver’s Snowmaggedon aka Snowpocalypse aka Revenge of the Snowith:

Photo: Beige Alert / Flickr

Use a Zamboni to clear your drive-way

Leave it to Canadian ingenuity! A farmer bought a Zamboni as a fertilizer spreader and also used it to clear some snow! He got pulled over by Central Saanich police and was let off with a warning for illegally driving a Zamboni on the road.

Snow orcas
Photo: Aaron Cambrin / Facebook

Make sand & snow art

Your snowman is pathetic in comparison to these artistic sand and snow Orca whales at Jericho Beach.  Now that’s creative!

Photo: Jennifer Wolf / Facebook
Photo: Jennifer Wolf / Facebook

Skate in your street

Your ice-death trap residential road is another’s perfect ice rink. At least families are getting outside more and off their devices right?

Load up on salt

Residents and businesses are reminded to clean up your property and sidewalks during winter weather conditions. To assist, some cities have been giving away salt!

Post pictures on Instagram

But first let me take a #selfie. Everyone can be an Instagram photographer when it comes to winter wonderland and snowfall pictures around town.


Enjoy the fresh powder

Winter sports and adrenaline junkies must be laughing in the face of a little snowfall. Keep your boards or skis on stand-by.

Stay home from work or school

Undriveable roads, closed bridges, cancelled classes, transit delays… There’s plenty of legit reasons to call it a day and stay home!

SFU Snowball Fight
Photo: @kriazike / Instagram

Have a school-wide snowball fight

If you must go to school, have a snow-ball fight!

Avoid the bridges

If you must commute, watch out for falling snow and ice bombs on the bridges!


Get to the choppa’

A helicopter was on stand-by to literally blast snow off bridge cables in addition de-icing agents and cable-collar drop systems.



By Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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