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Walmart Selling Limited Edition Blue Nintendo Wii For $100

All Walmarts in America will be selling the limited edition blue Wii console for $99.96! ($150 retail) The Limited Edition console appears to be the cheaper Wii version which does not include GameCube support while offering the same blue coloring previously used just for an add-on Wiimote. Included with the console is one matching wiiMote and Nunchuk however a gaming bundle has not been announced.
They’ll be offered up starting at 10:00 PM on November 24th, which is Thanksgivings, but no worries, you will still have plenty of time to digest that turkey. Yes, it is one day before Black Friday, but just consider it as a early bird special.
Grab your limited edition Wii just south of the border, and make a quick gas refill for your vehicle.

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