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Get Acquainted With An Artist; Walden Ash

Local artist Walden Ash is busy with music. His debut music video for the track “Alcohol” released last month and even got featured on World Star. The same video is also currently on pace to hit 100,000 views on YouTube.

The rap and hip-hop artist hails from Surrey and is looking to make a name for himself, even by the face of Vancouver’s rap scene. From starting his own music company and racking up studio time to releasing a music video and album, momentum is an ingredient to Ash’s path for success.

His first studio project and debut album Monster dropped this month and is complemented by an album release party at Fortune Sound Club on Friday, May 20th. The Walden Ash “Monster” Album Release is hosted by Toronto’s P.Reign with opening performances by Billionaire B and DKay who are both partly based out of Vancouver.

How were you inspired to pursue a career in music?

I was always very intune with music since a young age. As I got older I began to study it, but never really tried to create it myself. My brother always believed I could do it, lost him for a minute, then did it.


Where do you and your style fit into the rap and hip-hop scene?

Right in the middle, ‘cause I’m a mix of all types of hip-hop.  I try not to be on only one avenue of the genre.


What’s the concept behind your debut album Monster?

To give the listeners a chance to hear all the different sides of hip-hop on the same album, by one artist.


Did you have a story to tell with the music video for “Alcohol”?

Ever have one of those nights when two amazing women are hittin’ you  at the same time, but can’t pick who you got the time for? That.


Where do you see the Vancouver rap and hip hop scene in 5 years?

I hope I can be a part of creating a global buzz for Vancouver, and we become recognizable outside of BC, like Toronto has in these recent years.


Favourite local spots to grab a bite?

Kobe’s is always a good time, but Cactus Club is the usual spot


Advice for aspiring artists?

Invest your time and money into yourself, if you truly believe that you can stand out.


To keep up with Walden, follow him on Instagram.


Interview by Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch

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