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Here’s Every Violation That Could Land You a Fine For “Unsafe Behaviour” in BC

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With the on and off again change of restrictions, new ones, old ones, local vs non-essential travel ones, it has left many British Columbians wondering “what is actually against the orders?

Although we may a lot about public violations or event-related ones, there are also a number of individual violation tickets being issued as well.

Like it or hate it, and it goes without saying there have been a lot of different reactions to the newest restrictions, we are summarizing those behaviours that can get you fined in B.C.


Violation Tickets Given To Individuals

Here is a rundown of some of the behaviours that will get you fined.

Travelling Between Health Regions

You can be fined $575, if you are travelling from one region to one you are restricted from for non-essential reasons. This has caused some confusion, as people have tried to make sense of what health authorities they belong to. 

Mask Compliance

You can be fined $230 for not wearing a mask in public or indoors, unless you have an exemption. You can also be fined if you refuse to comply with an enforcement officer including being asked to leave a space, or engage in abusive behaviour in relation to the face coverings order.

Being On A Party Bus Or Limousine

If you are a passenger on a party bus or limousine, you can get a $230 ticket.

Attending An Event

If you are caught at an event or gathering you can get fined $575 or $230.

A $575 ticket will be issued if you:

  • Attend a non-compliant event or gathering
  • Encourage other people to attend a gathering or event unless it has an exemption

A $230 ticket will be issued if you:

  • Refuse to comply with the direction of an enforcement officer, including the direction to leave or disperse from the event or gathering
  • Engage in abusive or belligerent behaviour in relation to the order

At A Restaurant Or Bar

If you are consuming alcohol at a restaurant or bar after 11:00 pm, you can be fined $230. The same goes for if you are engaging in abusive behaviour towards a restaurant or bar employee in relation to the health orders.

For more clarification on the violations and fines, you can visit the B.C. Government website.


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