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VIDEO: How To Be A Vancouverite

How To Be A Vancouverite

How To Be A Vancouverite

If you were to scroll through Urban Dictionary and search “Vancouverite” the results would provide you with funny definitions such as :

“To fit in with the residents of this fair city, a Vancouverite must acquire one or more mercedes benz, year passes to Whistler-Blackcomb, and membership to the local yacht club. Cannabis will be provided at your nearest safe injection site. White people need not apply.”

or a very simple definition: “A person residing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.”

Vancouverite’s are a special breed and aren’t always the easiest to spot, fortunately, the video below provides a guide line to  point out true Vancouverites and how to act like one, in a rather sarcastic manner.

How To Be A Vancouverite

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