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Vancouver’s Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Are Finally Teaming Up

Photo: @vancityreynolds / IG

Deadpool & Wolverine. Vancouver & Sydney. Ryan & Hugh. It’s a heartfelt relationship for the ages. There’s been digs, trolling and spoofing back and forth for years on social media and even the big screen.

Is it love versus hate? Is it the bromance we all need? Is it all over as the two Hollywood icons have come to a “truce”? They’ve put their differences aside and squashed their celebrity social media beef.

As part of their truce they’ve put their creativity to the test by endorsing each other’s respective companies and making “ads” for each other:

Jackman has filmed a number of X-Men movies in and around Vancouver including X:Men Origins: Wolverine which used UBC as one of its locations.

Reynolds, a Vancouver-native, has famously used his hometown to film Deadpool and Deadpool 2. The upcoming third movie in the series will not film in Vancouver.

He can soon be seen (or at least facially through motion capture) and heard as the voice of a beloved Pokemon character Pikachu in the movie Detective Pikachu which hits theaters this spring.

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Photo/Twitter @VancityReynolds
Photo/Twitter @VancityReynolds

Vancouver’s Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to trolling his counterparts as he gave Josh Brolin a special “welcome” to the cast of Deadpool 2.

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