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Vancouver Youtubers Shine At Buffer Festival In Toronto

Buffer Festival

Photo: Buffer Festival (Facebook)

Buffer Festival wrapped up its fifth annual celebration last weekend and saw YouTubers from all over the world flock to Downtown Toronto to celebrate filmmaking with fellow creators and fans.

The four day festival, which showcases a range of digital storytelling included: video premiere screenings, red carpet meetups, workshops, panel discussions and a gala night to top it all off.

A number of diverse Creators from Vancouver were featured in the festival programming. They include: Alayna Fender, Christian LeBlanc, Julie Vu, Laura Reid, Linda Dong and finally, Nadine Sykora.

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Alayna Fender


Alayna Fender is a proud bisexual, cat-lover and vegan. She’s known for sharing her experiences and perspective in her mental health, sexuality and veganism videos. She also happens to be a trained Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher and speaks at schools and clinics. Combined, her two channels (MissFenderr and MissAlaynaa) currently have 200k+ subscribers, 500+ videos and 17+ million views. She also premiered a new episode of “I DON’T BI IT” during the LGBTQ+ Screening. She then shared how she first got started and what inspires her during the Creator Day talks.

Christian LeBlanc


Christian LeBlanc quit his day job to travel the world and pursue his passion for film making. Naturally he combined the two and hasn’t looked back since. He’s an avid travel and vlogging YouTuber currently closing in on 400k subscribers on his Lost LeBlanc channel. It has a library of over 500 videos and nearly 45 million views. He also screened a project called Black Tusk, inspired by the 2013 documentary Blackfish, during the Travel & Adventure Screening. His video shines a light on the Elephant tourism industry in Thailand. He also spoke about how he got started on YouTube, his inspirations and future plans during the Creator Day talks.

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Julie Vu 


Julie Vu is a transgender and beauty YouTuber who uses the platform to share transgender issues and her passion for makeup and fashion. She is also one of the first transgender women to document her transition on social media. Her channel PrincessJoules currently has around 450k subscribers, and 70+ million views across her 470+ videos. She premiered Transgender Film, which is about overcoming transgender negativity, at the LGBTQ+ Screening.

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Laura Reid


Laura Reid is a lifestyle YouTuber who makes fashion videos including look books, DIY’s and guides. Her channel Laura Reid currently has nearly 150k subscribers, over 200 videos and over 8 million views. She also premiered a narrated BTS (Behind The Scenes) video “Making of a YouTube Lookbook Video | Paris” at the Vloggers Screening to give insight into what goes into making a video.

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Linda Dong


Linda Dong is known for her comedic sketch videos and for collaborating with other YouTubers all over the world. Her channel LeendaDProductions currently has over 1 million subscribers and over 180 million views across 200+ videos. Her videos depict the female Asian perspective on everyday life things. She screened I Think We’re Dating at the Women of YouTube Screening.

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Nadine Sykora 


Nadine Sykora is a travel, adventure and lifestyle vlogger based out of Kelowna. Her travel advice & guide channel Hey Nadine currently has over 350k subscribers and a library of over 550 videos which have been viewed 40+ million times. She also premiered a special compilation video cut from her recent Moscow and St. Petersburg vlogs at the Travel & Adventure Screening.


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