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Vancouver Weather Forecast Calls For Up To 26 Degrees This Week

Photo: Justin Kenneth Rowley / Flickr

Although Vancouver has had less than ideal weather lately, the forecast calls for some hot days ahead.

The week is starting out strong with 20 degrees on Monday, with 24 degrees inland. Monday will see mostly sunny skies, according to Environment Canada.

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Things will heat up even more on Tuesday with pure sunny skies and 21 degrees. Again, that will be higher inland with 25 degrees. And according to the Vancouver forecast, Wednesday will see 22 degrees and 26 inland, with pure sunny skies once more.


Photo: Environment Canada

Although, Vancouver isn’t Vancouver without some rain. On Thursday, you can expect clouds and showers with 19 degree weather. That changes Friday, as there will be sun with a mix of clouds and 22 degrees.

So, how will you spend this week, now that Vancouver is finally getting some summer weather?

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Featured photo: Justin Kenneth Rowley


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