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Vancouver To Offer Free Wi-Fi in 46 Spots in Spring 2015

Vancouver telecom companies offer free data to help with social distancing

46 locations throughout Vancouver will offer free Wi-Fi as early as spring 2015.

Earlier this year, the city of Vancouver passed a motion to implement free city-wide Wi-Fi as apart of their Digital Strategy initiated in April 2013. The city has now submitted an application to build Wi-Fi networks in public areas such as:

  • community centres (27)
  • public golf courses
  • civic marinas
  • outdoor pools
  • popular tourist locations such as Canada Place
  • specific areas on Granville Street

Jessie Adcock, the Chief Digital Officer for the City of Vancouver has shared the cities plans to partner with external companies to deliver the free Wi-Fi at little to no cost for the city or taxpayers. Companies will have until January 30, 2015, to propose a plan to the city. Adcock anticipates that everything should be up and running by next Spring.

Earlier this year in September, the City of Surrey partnered with Shaw communications to provide free Wi-Fi in 40 key locations throughout the Surrey.

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