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Vancouver Teen Shares Mental Health Recovery on YouTube

Hannah doesn’t shy away from talking about mental health issues, more specifically her own mental health issues. She’s a fast-talking 19-year old Vancouverite using YouTube as a platform to express herself and share her self-proclaimed “adventures through recovery”.

With millions of views and a subscribership in the tens of thousands, her channel HannahVancouverr has grown into an engaging community over the last year. The make-shift support group of sorts has become a place for youngsters to share and discuss very personal things. The unfiltered ‘real talk’ in the vlogs speaks well to viewers as it shares their youthful angst and confusions, in their own language.

“I decided to share my story to help change the stigma against mental health. I believe mental health should be a more open subject and not something people are scared to talk about. My goal is to help myself recover from the things I’m dealing with by giving advice to others going through the same thing. That way we can help each other.”

Hannah connects to people by sharing her day-to-day experiences, talking about viewer submitted topics and answering questions. She has covered a variety of topics including anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, self-harm, depression, stress, mental illness and other pressures facing teens.

Some video titles like “How to Purge?” and “How to Start Self Harming” serve more as topic triggers and clickbait rather than actual guides and endorsements. The non-silver lining and sad part of that is that it makes it evident that a lot of people out there have these issues and need help.



Written by: Amar Mirchandani @amarmirch
Photo: HannahVancouverr/YouTube

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