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Vancouver Taxi’s To Install ‘Talking Meters’ To Help Blind Passengers

Yellow Cab Becomes First Canadian Taxi To Offer Free Wi-Fi

Four Vancouver taxi companies have collectively applied to install “talking meters” and a total of 78 new wheelchair-accessible cabs to the British Columbia Passenger Transportation Board.

If successful, Black Top, Yellow Cab, MacLures Cabs, and Vancouver Taxi will be the first in Vancouver, and Canada to offer talking meters for blind and partially sighted passengers.

Currently, blind and partially sighted passengers have no choice but to rely on their cab driver to tell them the total of their fare. With the new meters, cab drivers can turn on an audio feature at the beginning of the trip that announces the starting fare. Throughout the trip, the meters announce the price as it increases. When the cab arrives at the destination, the meter will announce the total amount due.

The new technology will cost taxi companies $500 to install in each vehicle.


Image via Daveography.ca / photo on flickr

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