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Vancouver Restaurant Draws Mixed Responses For Anti-Police Sandwich Board

anti-police sign at What's Up Hotdog

Photo: What's Up Hotdog

A Vancouver restaurant is currently under fire, after writing a controversial anti-police sign on its sandwich board.

The sign at What’s Up? Hotdog! on Hastings Street listed three things to do today: “1. F*** 2. The 3. Police.”

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Some people online were against the sign, wondering if it was helpful during the protests, across North America, against racial injustice and police brutality.


But the restaurant is standing their ground. 

Our sandwich board statement was antagonistic, sure,” the business posted on Facebook. “It represents the anger felt by us and many others in our community. If it made anyone uncomfortable, we encourage them to look into these issues, the resources are plentiful online. Maybe then we can all as a society work towards trying to fix this massive problem. Information is power.”

They added that to continue discussing the sandwich board, “would further take away airtime from marginalized voices.”

Following the controversy, however, the restaurant added a new message to their sign.


This comes after Vancouver held its second protest in solidarity with the U.S. riots and in honour of George Floyd.

There have been several incidents of police violence in Canada recently, including the case of a 26-year-old indigenous woman who was shot five times in her own home.

Vancouver has seen a rise in hate crimes during the pandemic as well, often aimed at people of Asian heritage.

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