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Vancouver Proposes Task Force For Lonely Vancouverites

Feeling lonely? Well you’re not alone.

According to The Vancouver Foundation’s survey, one in three Vancouverites find it hard to make new friends in Metro Vancouver, and one in four states that they spend more time alone than they want to. The city is now proposing a 16-person task force, that would discuss suggestions for increasing activity engagement among Vancouverites, so more people can feel welcome, make friends and ultimately give their input on important community decisions.

Though majority of Vancouverites do not feel lonely, the loneliness of those who are feeling lonely, affects us all, because it creates a series of negative attitudes that ultimately has a role on the entire community. Loneliness has also been found to cause poor health. Lonely people suffer more from sleeping problems, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure and risk of dementia when older.

In the follow-up study, it found that racial concerns also need to be addressed in Vancouver. 45 percent of Vancouverites feel that the non-English speaking community does not try hard enough to be a part of the community. As well, 52 percent felt that there is too much foreign ownership of real estate, which lead more than half of those people to feel like Vancouver is simply losing it’s flair and becoming a resort town for the wealthy.

What are your thoughts on community engagement?

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